Monday, 19 February 2018

Don't Love Your Enemies and Parasites - Banish Them

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One of the most wickedest concepts, ever given to humans from Christianity, was the idea of loving one's enemies. This, along with the monstrously dangerous notion of 'unconditional love' were both specifically designed to make humans weak and docile, so power structures could control and oppress them more effectively. 

As a result, our personal and private lives are also constantly in a state of 'damage control' while trying to deal with the everyday parasites and cretins who are trying to feed off our life energy. All this, while we attempt to remain decent and sociable individuals.

While hating your enemies is just as dangerous as loving them, as ultimately you are still feeding them your life energy, it is far safer and wiser to banish them forever.

It is a 100% cast-iron certainty that the same archetypes in your life come back over and over - as different people - again and again until you come to terms with what it is within your own shadow that keeps regenerating them. When you confront and deal with that, they stop arriving in new bodies. Not just psychopaths, but also a certain kind of toxic or disruptive individual whom you make the same unwise decisions to deal with them when they come into your life with a plan, idea or promise.

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When you start to look back on your life you even realise they also kind of look the same too.

ltimately it comes from within side us. There is a need we have that is not a need, it is a challenge to be confronted. I have met very few psychopaths in my life, but I have had to deal with a hell of a lot of assholes, malignant cretinous lunatics and destructive Renfields.

This is why I hold the NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN idea so strongly. If you remove one type of toxic person in such a terminal manner, you are sending out a powerful message to the cosmos that you are in control. When you are in control, you are less dependent on negative archetypes and the more positive and empowering ones come along.